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Summer Academics

2019 Course Information

Course Dates and Times Cost
Geometry July 15 - August 16 $1400.00
Bridge to Algebra ll

June 24 - August 16



Courses Descriptions and Requirements


Students learn to identify angle relationships, scale, proportion, triangle congruence, and similarity, how perpendicular and parallel relationships unify and extend earlier concepts, and how to apply new knowledge to applications in circles, polygons, and right triangles. Students learn how to compute the area of plane figures and apply trigonometric skills to problem-solving in their work with a variety of 2-D shapes. Students will apply principles of algebra with continued practice and reinforcement throughout the year while also demonstrating increasing flexibility with coordinate geometry, building a strong foundation for success in higher mathematics. Upon successful completion of the course for The Madeira student leads to placement in Alg II.

Geometry Syllabus and Book Information

Prerequisite of Algebra l


The main focus of Trigonometry is on nonlinear functions, right triangle properties, trigonometric functions, and algebra techniques. Students will gain an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Gain an understanding of trigonometry as a study of triangle and angle relationships using radians and/or degrees
  • Study trigonometric graphs
  • Study trigonometric functions and their applications
  • Solve trigonometric identities and equations
  • Study vectors and vector applications
  • Study vector and vector applications
  • Study polar coordinates and equations
  • Learn about parametric equations

Materials: Provided by teachers.   Students need a TI graphing calculator.

Trigonometry Syllabus

Prerequisite of Algebra ll