If there’s one thing you can expect from a Madeira girl, it’s that she’s prepared for anything. Selecting the best-fit college is no exception.

At Madeira, college counseling is individualized and connected to our school’s mission. We pride ourselves on launching women who change the world. This starts with a growing understanding of the world and what it needs alongside developing the talents and gifts each student brings to the important work ahead. The Madeira experience provides a foundation, and a thoughtful college process yields a positive outcome. 

At Madeira, college is not the defining endpoint but the next step in an unfolding, meaningful life. Purposeful, individualized college counseling empowers Madeira students to take that step with confidence.

The Madeira College Counseling program spans all grade levels, encouraging thoughtful introspection at every stage to empower students to make well-planned decisions regarding their futures.

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Madeira’s College Counseling Roadmap

Each year, college counselors meet with grade levels in small groups, and students or families may request individual meetings at any time. The more active phase of the college process begins junior year, combining both developmental and logistical considerations to ensure every student is prepared as their focus shifts to the future.

9th Grade

As students engage in the Madeira experience, explore new opportunities, and create community, they also work with the academic dean to create a four-year academic plan and map a tentative future path.

10th Grade

Madeira students begin to think about how their strengths and interests might apply to future opportunities, consider using summer to explore interests, and learn about careers and college programs as they hone their four-year plan, take the PSAT for practice, and meet with college counselors.

11th Grade

This is when students deepen their academic studies, find further ways to demonstrate leadership, and dive into college research with an open mind. Counselors help Madeira girls consider college fit from three lenses: academic, social, and financial. Students attend college information sessions and an essay workshop, take the PSAT again, refine their college list based on research, request academic letters of recommendations, and get organized for senior year!

12th Grade

Seniors are supported to stay grounded in a positive high school experience, while they take active steps to secure their future path. Madeira seniors pursue a challenging but manageable schedule and ensure their college list is balanced as they work with their college counselor to finalize application plans, meet each school’s expectations and deadlines, complete financial applications, and finalize the enrollment process. We help every Madeira student view graduation as commencement: the start of an exciting next step.

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