Welcome to Madeira where our mission is to launch women who change the world. Seldom will you see a school’s mission become a rallying cry for our students, but Madeira Snails take this challenge seriously. Our students have been changing the world for over 117 years and we continue to do so today.   

Madeira students are given opportunities to change their world, whether in the classroom, through their “real-world experiences” during Co-Curriculum, and in their extra-curricular clubs, sports, and arts pursuits that deepen each students' passions. Our students find their voice here and they use them loudly and proudly. 

There is no one type of Madeira student—we nurture an individual’s growth to be the best version of themselves. We have scientists and mathematicians who love to play two sports throughout the year. We have writers and historians who lead our coding and engineering clubs. We have riders who are passionate about their music and art. Each Madeira student finds their own path and makes it their own.

One thing Madeira students and teachers share is a love for our wonderfully supportive community that feels like home. In fact, my theme this year is, “There’s No Place Like Home.” I believe that we can have many homes. Home is a place where many of us find safety and comfort. We say things like a place has a “homey” feeling. That is how I define home. A place where my people are and where I feel like a warm blanket has enveloped me in its hug.  

Madeira is a place where I found my people. People who are on the same journey as me, to launch women who will change the world. A community who likes to laugh and have fun. An environment that is walking along with each other on our journey of lifelong learning. A place where everyone can be their personal best. A place where we give ourselves the time to learn and to embrace the process of learning as embodied in our motto, ”Festina Lente,” which means “Make Haste Slowly.”

Welcome to our 376 acres of our beautiful campus along the majestic Potomac River. We have a brand-new STEAM Center that boasts state-of-the-art tools and technology that enhance our students’ experiences in the classrooms. We have beautiful fields, a gymnasium with an indoor swimming pool, and stables that provide our students opportunities to compete and enjoy physical health and wellbeing activities. And our dorms, Student Center, Auditorium, and library all bring us together in community for joyful events throughout the year.   

Come visit our home! We can’t wait to meet you!  


Christina Kyong
Head of School