Madeira is committed to creating an intentionally diverse and connected community where all students feel seen, known, and valued, and understand that they belong.

We believe that a diverse, inclusive environment is directly linked to scholastic excellence and student wellness, and we are committed to fostering a healthy community centered on active listening, courageous conversations, and compassionate leadership. Collective empathy drives our learning community and is vital to our school’s mission.

At the same time, we recognize it is not enough to be diverse.

Celebrating diversity and multiculturalism are not the same as building a community around anti-bias and anti-oppressive principles and practices. As a community, Madeira is committed to doing more.

Our faculty help students understand power and antiracist principles as important elements of the curriculum.  We create intentional spaces, facilitate learning opportunities, and dedicate resources to make possible our diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environment. In all that we do, we strive to create justice for all students.

Madeira has long been a haven for young women and girls during the all-important teenage years – yet there is always work to be done.

Our school was founded at a time when young women, particularly young women of color and those from marginalized groups, did not have consistent access to challenging and robust high school curricula. And while the School’s efforts to help girls acquire strong academic and social-emotional underpinning were well-guided, Madeira was not an integrated school until the early 1970s. Today, the important work of building diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice on campus continues.

What Now?

We have launched a multi-year strategic plan for action and sustainable change. This plan includes metrics to measure effectiveness, guide our efforts, and keep us accountable. We are committed to fostering a strong sense of identity and belonging in each Madeira student.

Stay Informed; Stay Accountable