What is there to do at Madeira on weekends?

All students – boarders and day girls – can participate in off-campus activities each weekend such as trips to the local mall (Tysons Corner), McLean, Georgetown, mixers with other boarding schools, putt-putt golf, ice skating, and cultural events in Washington, D.C. A few times each semester there is a campus-wide Saturday night activity like Karaoke Night and the Annual Scavenger/Trivia/Treasure Hunt. Click here to see what weekend activities we’re planning. To get a sense of life at Madeira, check this site often.

Do Madeira girls ever get to meet boys?

The annual calendar of weekend activities features mixers with all-boys boarding schools such as Woodberry Forest and Georgetown Prep. Many Washington D.C. area high schools participate in activities like Model UN, coffee houses, and Battle of the Bands contests.

How do Madeira girls get off campus?

Madeira has its own fleet of mini buses that take girls wherever they need to go, whether it’s a run to Chipotle or a cultural romp through Washington, D.C.

Can boarding students have cars?

No. Boarding students are not permitted to keep cars on campus.

How does Madeira match freshmen roommates?

The staff in the Dean of Students Office pairs students based on information they collect on a roommate form, which each new student fills out and submits after they enroll at Madeira. The form asks girls about their habits, interests, and favorite activities.

Can I pick my roommate?

You get to choose your roommate after your first year. The Dean of Students staff matches first-year students based on common interests, activities, and habits.

What if I get sick while I’m at school?

Our Health and Wellness Center has 14 beds and is staffed by three full-time nurses who are available on-call 24 hours a day when the Health and Wellness Center is closed. If you feel sick and cannot attend class, you will stay in the Health and Wellness Center under a nurse’s care. You will also be seen by a doctor if the matter is more serious, and a Madeira chaperone will drive you to that appointment.

Are dorm rooms at Madeira furnished?

Yes. Each boarder will have a bed, desk, lamp, chest of drawers and a closet. Dorms also have inflatable beds for guests.

What amenities do the dorms have?

Each dorm has a common room that houses a television and DVD player; a Cyberpod (a group of three computers hooked up to a printer and to the Internet); a small kitchen with two washers and three dryers for laundry; telephones; and a storage room for luggage.

Do Madeira dorm rooms have Wi-Fi?

Yes. Wireless Internet access is available in all dorm rooms. Note that the wireless transmitters are turned off at midnight on weeknights.

Can I have friends spend the night over the weekend?

Yes! You may have friends spend the night in your room during the weekend, and there are inflatable beds in each dorm for them to use. Boarders commonly spend the night in each other’s rooms on Friday and Saturday, have day students spend the night, or have friends from home visit.

Can day students sleep over in the dorms?

Day students frequently stay on campus with a boarder and take part in social activities on the weekends.

Can a boarding student sleep over at a day student’s house?

Day students form close friendships with residential classmates and often invite boarding friends home for the weekend.

How can I get to religious services on the weekends and for holidays?

Throughout the weekend, students may attend services at area churches, mosques, synagogues, and other houses of worship.

Are there any special considerations for international students?

See the international student FAQ.