Information and Innovation

The Department of Technology and Library are merged under one department -- Information and Innovation (i2) Department.

Several years ago, the Library and Department of Technology (DOT) teamed up to create the Information & Innovation (i2) Department. While the Library still helps you keep resources at your fingertips and DOT keeps the WiFi turned on, the team also works on other exciting endeavors. The Information and Innovation Department collaborates with faculty and staff, assists students, and looks for ways to advance learning with creativity, excitement, and outside-the-box thinking. 

The Information and Innovation Department includes two librarians, an archivist, a network administrator, two educational technology specialists, three advisors, a gamer, four dog owners, a tennis nut, and two Scrabble lovers all wrapped up in just five employees. They are always ready to share innovative practices with others and are focused on helping Madeira meet its strategic goals.

Information and Innovation (i2) Faculty

  • Becca Brooks, Director of Information and Innovation
  • Jeff Dayton, Director of Innovation and Technology
  • Lauren Roy, Educational Technology Specialist
  • Stacy Tippens, Educational Technology Specialist

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