Faculty & Staff

Meet the faculty and staff of Madeira.

The Madeira faculty members are teachers, authors, researchers, scientists, artists, educators, and collaborators. Most important, they are experts in their fields.

With a faculty-student ratio of one-to-six, Madeira attracts teachers who are interested in how young people learn. These teachers then have the time and support they need to customize an academic path to the interests and passions of each individual girl.

The faculty’s commitment to professional development, to experimenting with instructional approaches, and to sharing ideas across academic departments is what Madeira is all about. Since the Co-Curriculum was added to the academic program in 1966, curricular innovation has been a Madeira hallmark. So is the expertise, professionalism, and devotion to teaching required for the kind of innovation we cultivate.

To find individual faculty members, consult the Faculty & Staff Directory.