Co-Curriculum is Transformational

For 50 years, Madeira's award-winning experiential learning program has provided student internships, similar to those offered by colleges and universities. For five weeks, girls learn from experience in settings beyond the classrooms. Sophomores engage in service, juniors serve on Capitol Hill, and seniors pursue a career interest or passion. Over their four years, Madeira graduates build an impressive resume from their Co-Curriculum placements.

The Co-Curriculum Program at Madeira is a journey of self-discovery and a practical approach to learning. No two students' experiences are the same.



MadeiraED is a professional conference with Madeira students and faculty as both speakers and attendees. The goals of the day include showcasing culminating activities that highlight student learning, building community through shared experiences, and providing opportunities for reflection as well as assessment. The day will run roughly on Madeira’s daily schedule with most blocks being broken into 20-minute segments to allow the appropriate amount of time for each type of activity. 

Junior & Senior Capstone Presentations: Presentations are led by students who are completing their Co-Curriculum placements during Mod 5.

Academic Course Presentations: Student-led presentations (1 – 3 girls) will highlight work done by students from a class in any of the previous mods. Much like professional conferences, a panel will present their work. 

Innovative & Creative Activities: Activities planned by adults will allow attendees to move about and be creative and innovative. These sessions will give attendees the opportunity to generate ideas and not just receive information. 

Pop-Up Classes: Classes will be taught by faculty and can highlight current courses offerings or ones faculty may wish to offer. These are like “a day in the life of” sessions, giving attendees a sense of what it might be like to take this course. 

Co-Curriculum Videos