What is STEAM?

“STEAM,” which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, is an expansion of the more common “STEM.” Incorporating the Arts into the more technically-driven STEM concept recognizes that artistic elements lie at the heart of creativity not just in the humanities, but in technical endeavors as well. 

Why is STEAM important?

Twenty-first century realities require that successful adults address constant change, a technology-driven workplace, multicultural and diverse communities, and increasingly, global competition. 

Madeira’s STEAM program is meant to enhance an already strong science and math program by offering opportunities to integrate the arts and manual skills, and to focus on using technology. The emphasis is on interdisciplinary connections, problem solving, collaborative work, and applying knowledge and understanding, all of which are already fundamental backbones of our educational program. 

STEAM at Madeira

Every ninth grader is required to take two new courses over the span of their high school years. Seniors also have the option of choosing a STEAM-related Co-Curriculum program.


Fundamentals in STEAM
  • A project-based course, where students will bring together science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. This course further develops research and critical thinking skills as well as techniques of measurement and data collection.
Topics in STEAM
  • In this investigative, project-based course, students will bring together science, technology, engineering, arts and math as a broad framework for discovery and analysis of the world around them. Students will apply the fundamentals of math, science, and the arts to interdisciplinary, real world challenges which may include but are not limited to electronics, international health issues, business, education, and architecture. Projects will require collaboration with others inside and outside of the Madeira community; documentation of the process of designing, constructing, testing, evaluating, and re-designing solutions to problems; and presentations of final products to a variety of audiences. This course will provide students with the opportunity to develop their research and critical thinking skills as they design innovative products and solutions to address common global goals.
Co-Curriculum Senior Internships
  • Our award-winning Co-Curriculum program afford the girls the chance to apply the knowledge and skills they acquire from STEAM courses to an internship in the real world. Girls work alongside scientists, engineers, artists, architects, doctors, veterinarians, mathematicians, and statisticians during a five-week period.