Student Government

Madeira was the first school in Washington, D.C. to have a student government, which dates back to the School’s founding in 1906. The tradition continues today.

Each member of student government represents a portion of the student body and also serves the community by promoting school spirit and setting an example of good citizenship, service, and leadership for other girls.

Elected Leaders

Three seniors are elected to lead student government as the Head of Boarding, Head of Day, and Head of Judiciary. Other members of student government include:

  • Head of Community Service Co-Heads
  • Senior Class Co-Presidents
  • Junior Class Co-Presidents
  • Sophomore Class Co-Presidents
  • Freshman Class Co-Presidents

While most student leadership positions are elected or selected in the spring, new ninth graders are encouraged to represent their class as co-presidents by running in fall elections. Students can also take leadership roles outside of student government by being resident advisors, student tour guides, or club leaders, to name a few possibilities.


Student government meets every Monday after dinner. The meetings serve as:

  • a forum for student concerns
  • a channel for positive change and growth in the Madeira community
  • a means of communication between the students, faculty, and administration
  • an advisory board for the Head of School
  • a group to initiate community involvement projects and social functions