Madeira Dorms

Boarding girls live in the center of campus in six dorms that each house around 25 students. Madeira’s dorms are all relatively small, especially compared to those at other boarding schools, and we offer a mix of doubles and singles. The dorms provide plenty of opportunities to build community, study hard, and have fun. Dorm Faculty – a group of four Madeira faculty or staff – supervise.


Most boarders have roommates, and many continue to live with that roommate each year. Before you arrive on campus your first year, you fill out a form for the Dean of Students Office, sharing with them your habits, interests, and activities. Based on that questionnaire they choose a roommate for you. After your first year, you can choose your own roommate.

Dorm Faculty

Each dorm has two faculty members who live in the dorm, and two other faculty members who are part of each dorm’s faculty team. This team serves as the adult leadership in the dorms. In addition to adults, there are two students who serve as resident advisors and help create the community of the dorm. By the end of the school year, the dorm team knows each other very well!

On and Off Campus Activities

On campus activities range from karaoke night to the annual Pillsbury Bake-off and often count for coveted dorm points (an inter-dorm competition). Day students each have a dorm affiliation and are always encouraged to attend. Movies on the Oval, dance recitals, monthly mixers, and trips to Tyson’s Corner, Georgetown, Baltimore, and Kings’ Dominion (all with other schools) are favorites. Each dorm sponsors a campus-wide activity, such as the campus-wide scavenger hunt. We take full advantage of our proximity to Washington by regularly planning trips to museums and galleries, concerts and plays, professional baseball and basketball games, and more.