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The morning arrival time to the Madeira campus is approximately 8:00 a.m., while the departure time from The Madeira School is 5:00 p.m. The Madeira School reserves the right to cancel any bus run if the number of riders is too few.

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This agreement is between (Parent/Guardian) of the above student(s) and The Madeira School.

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Services to be Performed:

The Madeira School agrees to provide the following transportation services during the School Year for the above Student(s). Only students enrolled in the Madeira Transportation Program are allowed to ride the bus.

Bus transportation to and/or from School each school day is from a designated pickup and delivery point at times to be designated by School or any Third Party Provider (herein defined). Parent/Guardian acknowledges and agrees that School may arrange a third party to provide any or all of the bus transportation services contemplated herein (each, a “Third Party Provider”).

Services to be Performed:

Full Year Round Trip: $3,000;
Full year AM only: $2,200;
Full year PM only: $2,200

Weather and Other Hazards:

The Madeira School maintains the right to suspend operations without refund due to road conditions or circumstances beyond its control. In the event of inclement weather or emergency, an announcement will be sent through The Madeira School emergency alert system to all families as well as a posting on The Madeira School website. It is the responsibility of the family to monitor The Madeira School website for emergency announcements. Madeira will notify each route in the event a driver is not available due to a weather delay or cancellation. Transportation will not be provided on Saturday snow make up dates or on Graduation day.

Terms of Payment:

Payment will be billed in August 2021 once routes and riders are confirmed. Payment can be made online via Madeira's Payment Portal (use "Transportation Fee" as the fee type). www.madeira.org/tuition - select transportation fee


Please indicate route and A.M. / P.M. or roundtrip; morning routes are planned so girls arrive at Madeira by 8:00 a.m., afternoon routes will leave Madeira at 5:00pm. Please check the desired route.

DC/VA Route Options

Maryland Route Options

Alexandria, VA Route:

Note: Pick-up and drop-off locations have a minimum ridership level. If minimum ridership levels are not reached, a particular pick-up and/or drop-off location may be eliminated. Times may be adjusted as needed for traffic patterns.

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