Important Contact Information

Below is helpful contact information for departments most frequently contacted by Madeira families. Search for a particular faculty or staff member by name or department on our Faculty and Staff Directory.

Academic Office

(academic schedules, registering for classes, grades, absences)


(pre-season, team sports, activities)

Business Office

(student accounts and billing)

  • Student Billing, Cateleyn Cappal, 703-556-8358
  • Fax: 703-556-8320

College Counseling Office

Dean of Student Life and Culture Office

(permissions, residential life, student activities, travel plans, student life)

  • Adult on Duty (AOD),
    703-556-8211, aod@madeira.org
  • Dean of Student Life and Culture, Kelli Perkins,
  • Sr. Associate Dean of Student Life and Culture for Wellbeing and Belonging, Becky Zahradnik,
  • Associate Dean of Student Life and Culture for Campus Life & Strategy, Hunter Southworth,
  • Assistant Dean of Student Life and Culture for Student Activities, Angela Pubal,

Dorm Faculty on Duty (7:00 p.m.-7:00 a.m.)

  • Main Dorm Faculty on duty, 571-207-5873
  • East Dorm Faculty on duty, 571-766-8683
  • West Dorm Faculty on duty, 571-207-6410
  • North Dorm Faculty on duty, 571-207-5695
  • South Dorm Faculty on duty, 571-206-8467
  • New Dorm Faculty on duty, 571-207-5434
  • You need to reach the Administrator on Duty, 703-556-8269
    (weeknights 4:00 p.m.-9:00 a.m./weekends 24 hours a day)

Health & Wellness Center

(health records, illnesses, doctor appointments)

  • Director of the Health & Wellness Center,  Peggy Sotos, 703-556-8243
  • Director of Counseling, Tracie Epes, 703-556-8298,
  • Fax: 703-556-8314

Department of Technology

(technology questions, e-mail, Student/Parent Portal accounts)

Parents’ Association

Parents’ Association President, Pilar O'Leary

Whom to Contact if...

You need a Yellow Sheet for a planned absence - 703-556-8254, Academic Office

You are a day student who is late on a class day - 703-556-8254, Academic Office

You are a sick day student - 703-556-8254, Academic Office

You are late or absent on a Co-Curriculum day - 703-556-8254, Academic Office

You need to give permission or an invitation for a boarder - 703-556-8211, Dean of Students Office/AOD

You lost your room key or swipe card - 703-556-8211, Dean of Student Life and Culture Office

You need to change your contact information - 703-556-8254, Academic Office

You need to request a seal or transcript - 703-556-8319, School Records Office

You have a boarding-related issue - 703-556-8215, Associate Dean of Student Life and Culture for Campus Life & Strategy

You have a college counseling question  - 703-556-8209, Director of College Counseling

You have a question about a class - First contact is the teacher (see Faculty and Staff Directory in the Student/Parent Portal

You would like to make a donation to The Madeira School - Give online or contact 703-556-8221

You want to contact your daughter’s advisor - Check the Student/Parent Portal for his/her name and email address

You would like to get involved in the Parents’ Association - Pilar O'Leary, President