Accessing Money on Campus

In order to be prepared for all of your daughter’s purchasing needs this year, please read this notice carefully.

Mad Money Accounts (Madeira Student Debit Accounts):

Many students’ transactions function through the Madeira Student Debit Account payment system. The payment system is available through your existing Student/Parent Portal website and will allow you to load funds into a “debit” account for your daughter to make purchases from Lucy & Company School Store, pay for school-sponsored activities, and make small cash withdrawals.

You may add to your daughter’s Madeira Student Debit Account by going to your Student/Parent Portal, under My Accounts select Pay Online, and enter the amount. We accept credit cards (additional fee applies) or e-check deposits. Please allow 2-4 business days for the money to transfer to the student account.

You will have the convenience of seeing all activity on account, which can be viewed by selecting Debit Account Statements, under “My Accounts” section of Student/Parent Portal.

We encourage all families provide the minimum amount of $100.00 for their student and discuss the use of their debit account so they can budget accordingly. At the end of the school year, remaining funds can be carried over to the following year or refunded upon graduation.

As we approach the start of the school year Accounts Receivable will be bringing all Madeira Student Debit Accounts up to a balance of $100.00 and bill you for the amount added to the account 

We are happy to answer any questions you may have! If you need additional assistance, please contact us: Cateleyn Cappal, Accounts Receivable: 703-556-8358 or ccappal@madeira.org