Accessing Money on Campus

In order to be prepared for all of your daughter’s purchasing needs this year, please read this notice carefully.

Mad Money

Most campus transactions, such as the campus store, will function with our Campus Store Debit Account payment system. Mad-money can be loaded onto a student’s account via your existing MY BACKPACK Parent Portal website.  This site will also allow you to monitor your student’s purchasing activity and reload the account as needed.  In addition to store purchases, we expect that mad-money will also be able to be used for the General Store, fundraisers, bake sales, and some weekend activities.  Students will also be able to withdraw up to $20.00 at a time for cash needs.  As always, the campus store will continue to accept cash, credit, and debit cards in addition to mad-money.

Advance Purchases

Also new this year, we are asking that each family coordinate with their student to ensure that they have a credit or credit/debit card number available to them.  Trips, events, or group-purchasing items (such as t-shirts) that require advance commitment, girls will now log in to their MYBACKPACK accounts and enter a credit card or debit card number.  Unfortunately, we cannot use Mad-Money for these purposes at this time.

So what do you need to do?
1. Please activate and load some money into your student’s Campus Store Debit Account.  Our site accepts credit cards (credit cards are assessed a checkout fee of 2.8%) or e-check deposits and can be accessed via this link.  You will have the convenience of seeing all activity on your statement, which appears in the “My Accounts” section of MY BACKPACK.  We recommend that each student start the year with a minimum of $100 in their Campus Store Debit Account.

2.Discuss with your student a plan for their purchasing needs, including access to a credit/debit card for advance purchase items. 

We are happy to answer any questions you may have! If you need additional assistance, please contact us:

Rachel Minchew: rminchew@madeira.org - School Store Inquires
Cateleyn Cappal: ccappal@madeira.org - Business Office Accounts Receivable