About the Student/Parent Portal

Did you know you and your daughter can see, right on the Student/Parent Portal, up-to-the-minute information about her class attendance, including her punctuality to class? And did you know that the Student/Parent Portal has a searchable student/parent directory?

You can search for an individual student or parent, pull up a grade‐level list or the entire student or parent list, and even print whatever list you wish. The directory search function on My Backpack is a pretty handy tool to have and it’s easy to use.


The Advantage Mobile app is available in the Google Play Store and iTunes Store
Advantage Mobile

Need Portal information on‐the‐go? Welcome to Advantage Mobile! The FREE mobile app is available
for both Android and Apple devices and is similar to the My Backpack web portal. With Advantage Mobile, you
will be able to see your daughter’s schedule, attendance, and, when available, her term grades, as well as have
access to a student‐parent directory. While the app does only a few things, it does them extremely well and

You can watch a demo of the application here.


1. Home Screen:

Once you launch the app, you will need to enter the school code Madeira1906, then your username and password for the Parent Portal. Select “Remember Me,” and after that, you won’t have to log on!

2. From the Main Dashboard, you can check the following:

  • Summary: Shows your daughter’s school picture, her grade, and her advisor’s name (hyperlinked to email) and phone number (hyperlinked to call).
  • Schedule: Using a calendar function, “Schedule” shows your daughter’s schedule for the current day, listing the period, time, course, and teacher (which is hyperlinked to email). It even shows scheduled ASMs and Advisory times. “Courses” lists your daughter’s courses, teachers (again, hyperlinked to email), and building with room number.
  • Grades: Available to view once posted (if grades have not been posted, you will get an error message).
  • Attendance: Reflects daily attendance and tardy totals, as well as attendance and tardy totals by class.

3. From the Directory, filter by “student” or “parent”:

  • Search for a student or parent by name.
  • Retrieve an alphabetized grade‐level parent or student directory: Leave “Name” blank; select a “Grade.”
  • Retrieve an alphabetized school‐wide parent or student directory: Leave “Name” and “Grade” blank.

In all cases, click on the arrows for additional information, including hyperlinked email addresses and phone numbers.

Enjoy the technology and stay connected, wherever you go!