Winners Announced for 2018 Science Fair

March 30, 2018
Lauren Grohowski '19 - Fluidized Air Bed

The annual Madeira Science Fair showcased impressive projects from freshman to seniors. Judges from various scientific fields inside and outside the Madeira community reviewed all projects in three categories.



Literature Search category:

1st place: 

Systematic Analysis of Gene Mutations in Human Cancers - Amy Yu '19

2nd place: 

CODE RED: Synthetic Blood - Astha Kulshrestha '19 and Alex Burnside '19

3rd place: 

Predicting Breast Cancer - Sharon Ge '19

Honorable Mentions: 

Coffee: Friend or Foe? - Diya Kallam '18 and Emma Knisley '18

Perception of Time - Lucy Li '18

Superfluids in Space - Gabby McClellan '20

Engineering and Design category:

Fluidized Air Bed - Lauren Grohowski '19

Authentic Design Challenge category (designing a shoe that grows with a person):

Zip It Up - Jaeun Kim '18 and Fay Zhang '18

The Lifetime Cinderella Slipper: The Shoe That Always Fits - Maggie Needler '18

Experimental Research category:

Debunking Astrology - Yaje Nshanji '18 and Isabelle Nimick '18

Kimchi Fermentation and pH Level - Ivy Li '18

Teachers' Choice Award:

Watts the Bright Idea? - Allison Hoang '19

List of Judges:

Current parents:

Don McPhail, father of Kayley McPhail '18

Daniel Stux, father of Ella Stux '21

Past parents/grandparent:

Camile Louis, mother of Gabrielle Dreux '14

Claudette Louis, grandmother of Gabrielle Dreux '14

Sandy Weininger, father of Rachael Weininger '16

Alumna and spouse:

Katherine Lee '07

Jacob Rogers, husband of Katherine Lee '07


Beth Masimore, friend of Mrs. Smedberg

Caterina Earle, science teacher at Washington Episcopal School

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