Visual representations of the Class of 2017

February 21, 2014

On Wednesday, February 19, after several weeks of planning, research, and design, ninth graders presented their final mission-based works to their classmates and Madeira adults. These presentations answered the question that was posed to them after winter break: “How would you visually represent the class of 2017 as a part of Madeira?” The project resulted in creative, thoughtful, and well-composed icons and emblems that expressed the class’s unique personality and was beautifully linked with Madeira.

Nine groups of 8-9 students comprised each team, which was required to create an emblem/seal in three formats: a digital version, a two dimensional version, non-digital version, and a three dimensional version. As part of their research, girls learned about Madeira’s branding from the Communication and Marketing Office, researched visual representations of individuals and communities by visiting the American History and American Indian museums, gained good insight about what makes good design from a local graphic design executive, and sought inspiration by visiting Georgetown University and the commercial shopping district of Georgetown.

“I think girls really learned a great deal about self, group, and community from this experience,” said Assistant Head of School and Director of Co-Curriculum, Andre Withers. “This exercise is rooted in many experiential aspects: working in group settings, putting creativity to use, learning computer software, learning to ask informed questions, public speaking/presenting, engaging with the public, the list goes on and on.”

View a slideshow of the presentations and final products >> 

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