Tosca Fisher ?09 is awarded the Fulbright Scholarship

May 22, 2013
Sarah Yarborough '09, Tosca Fischer '09, Lauren Simione ?14, Shelby Wildish ?14, Kat Adstedt ?14, Katie Gimbert ?14, Amy Yang ?14, and Greta Kanka at Smith College

After recently graduating from Smith College, Tosca Fisher ’09 has been selected as a 2013 Fulbright Scholar. Through the scholarship program, Tosca will have the opportunity to study abroad for a year in Hamburg, Germany where she will research her topic/thesis: “When the Brown ‘Plague’ Showed Up at the Party: Law and Order in St. Pauli under the Nazi Regime.”

St. Pauli is Hamburg’s entertainment district, Tosca explains, and in her research, she will “examine the uneasy coexistence of the Nazi regime’s own contradictory policy position as it intersected with the realities of life in the district.” Tosca will spend time in the Hamburg archives for her research.

Tosca has had a strong interest in St. Pauli since her time at Madeira when she wrote her senior honors thesis on the topic, examining “Hitler’s goal for the district, Nazi-era sociological studies, working class resistance and prostitution.”

The Fulbright Program is designed to “increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries” through educational exchanges. Scholars are chosen for their “academic merit and leadership potential.”

The Madeira Community is proud of Tosca and her extraordinary accomplishment and wishes her the best of luck during her year abroad!