The Snail Unveil - A New Madeira Mascot

October 14, 2016

The Madeira School debuted a new mascot on October 7, 2016, at the All School Meeting during Family Weekend. The “Snail Unveil” was kept under wraps throughout the weekend, and was a surprise to students, families, and faculty alike. Assistant Head of School, Andre Withers, followed ASM speaker, Susan Stuart-Elliot ’84, with instructions for the Red/White Parade, but was interrupted (or so it seemed) by a multimedia production on the screen of the auditorium. The video featured a shadowed figure with bright red shoes and a tough security guard, played by Director of Security Jim Pollack, as they travelled across campus from the Hurd Sports Center to the C/A and entering through the back of the auditorium stage. Appearing from behind the curtain was the new Snail Mascot! She made her entry on stage in a wave of excitement and overwhelming applause from the attendees. (See Video Below)

Two of the Red and White Spirit Captains shared in their excitement in an interview following the unveiling festivities. "It will bring together spirit and community in a totally different way and help unite our excitement and encourage participation,” said Skylar Meyers ’17, Red Team Captain. White Team Captain, Jenna Shackelford ’17, echoed the sentiment saying, "I think the student body is super excited about our new snail mascot. It's going to really bring our school wide spirit to the next level, and I hope it will really become an integral part of our school's identity.”

Athletic Director, Katie LaRue, said, “We could not be more excited to have the new Madeira Snail mascot. This serves as another example of the school’s commitment to communal spirit and athletics. I’m looking forward to the many ways the Snail will be incorporated into multiple areas at Madeira.” LaRue continued, “We want the community, both past and present, to be involved in generating pride around the Snail. We plan to have a naming contest for the mascot that will be open to both current and former members of the community.” 

Submit your suggestions for the Name the Snail Contest through the application form