Thanksgiving Travel and Arrival

November 6, 2015

The time of year for Student Travel Forms has once again arrived. In preparation for school breaks in November (11/21 - 11/30) and December (12/19 - 1/3), all boarding students will be discussed the completion of travel forms at their dorm meetings this week. These forms make the School aware of when and by what method boarding students are leaving from and returning to campus. We have informed the students at their Dorm Meetings this week what information they will need in order to complete the Thanksgiving Travel and Arrival Form. This will be followed by a dorm meeting in which the students fill in the electronic form with their Thanksgiving travel information. For those parents who are interested, the Thanksgiving Travel & Arrival form can be found here.

If your daughter is traveling by air, train, or bus we provide limited shuttle service to Reagan National Airport (DCA), Dulles International Airport (IAD), and to Union Station in D.C. Once the travel forms have been submitted, we will create a shuttle schedule based on when the majority of students are travelling. The fee for the shuttle is $25 and your daughter should indicate on her form if she is interested in utilizing the shuttle service. We do not provide shuttle service for return to campus. If the shuttle times are not convenient for your daughter we are able to arrange for a taxi or Uber for her. 

We ask that ALL boarders complete the travel form no matter how they are traveling off campus (even if they are being picked up by parents). The forms are due to the Dean of Students Office by 11/10 so you should expect to be contacted by your daughter in the next few days to confirm details about their travel for Thanksgiving break.  As always, if you have questions, please feel free to contact the Dean of Students Office at 703-556-8211 or AOD@madeira.org.

Thank you,

Hunter Southworth

Director of Residential Life