Students share passion projects during MadeiraEd Day

May 5, 2016

On April 29, the last day of Module 6, students, faculty and staff participated in the second annual MadeiraED Day. With the theme “Passion Projects,” the school-wide conference day included over 100 different sessions ranging from discussions on diversity in our community to rebuilding Stonehenge. One of the most popular attractions of the day was the Betabox located next to New Dorm. The Betabox is the size of a 20 foot shipping container and is a mobile technology lab space. It was brought to campus for specifically for MadeiraED and included a 3-D printer, laser cutter, desktop computers and a full wall whiteboard.

As part of the day, seniors in Co-Curriculum Module 6 also presented their capstone projects. The 22 senior students outlined the meaningful projects they were able to work on during their internships. They answered many questions on what juniors might expect if they were to choose an internship at that company or organization.

“I’ve really enjoyed seeing the sessions our students and adult community came up with,” said Becca Brooks of the Innovation and Information Department. “Madeira is filled with such creative people.”


MadeiraEd 2016 from madeiraschool on Vimeo.

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