Students Present Final STEAM Projects

February 7, 2018

During the last week of Module 4, freshman presented their final projects for their Fundamentals in STEAM course. 

STEAM Fundamentals is a project-based course, where students bring together science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. This course further develops research and critical thinking skills as well as techniques of measurement and data collection.

During this class, students were tasked with designing and building a free-standing kinetic sculpture out of found and re-purposed materials. The project required them to apply physical concepts, including inertia, force, energy, and momentum. 

See the finished sculptures below:

  • A Place for Dreamers
    • Olivia Carnot '21, Coco Rushforth '21, Rachel Rubin '21
  • Jellyfish
    • Gaby Waksberg '21, Laila White '21, Rachel van der Lindon '21
  • Operational Baby Bear
    • Ella Stux '21, Emelia Andrews Marshall '21, Marina Irurita Fernandez '21, Anna Blackmon '21
  • Flower Gleam and Glow (Inspired by the film "Tangled") 
    •  Ena Sullivan '21 (not pictured), Claire Anna Frye '21, Pilar Manzano Lopez Guerrero '21, Meghan Friedrichs '21