Students learn lessons from alumnae during Career Day at Madeira

October 25, 2013

Lives & Legacies: Career Day at Madeira was an opportunity for the community to hear from a select group of alumnae on Saturday morning of Parents’ Weekend. Hosted by the Madeira Alumnae Council, the morning began with All School Meeting (ASM) in the Chapel/Auditorium featuring Stephania Bell ’83, ESPN sports injury analyst and senior writer. (View clips of her remarks below.) Following ASM, twelve Madeira alumnae spoke on three different panels throughout campus. Students and their parents were invited to attend two of the three panels where alumnae discussed their career choices after graduation and how their time at Madeira influenced who they are today. The panels included a paper conservator, fashion designer, Facebook policy advisor, NIH epidemiologist, and television producer, just to name a few.

Moderated by Alumnae Council members, panelists answered questions such as: Did Madeira open your eyes to the idea that there are possibilities beyond the "obvious" jobs?  What impact did Co-Curriculum have on your future career? Did you have to ‘sift through the possibilities’ to help figure out your own strengths and weaknesses? How did you find/craft a career that takes advantage of those strengths? Their experiences from the Co-Curriculum program became a resounding theme of the morning; almost every panelist mentioned their placement and its impact on their career path and their work today.

A huge thanks to the 12 Madeira alumnae who participated as panelists and moderators. To learn more about the moderators and panelists visit the Lives and Legacies page.

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