Student-prepared dinner provides a taste of home

October 17, 2014
Cindy Bai and Emma Sun (right) preparing dinner

Twenty-three girls enjoyed a fantastic Chinese feast at the Pratt house the Sunday of Parents’ Weekend, October 12. Craving a familiar home cooked meal and wishing to share their favorite foods with classmates, juniors Emma Sun and Cindy Bai, both from China, planned and prepared a multi-course meal for their classmates. Mrs. Pratt supplied the pots, plans, cooking utensils, and some homemade brownies, but Emma and Cindy did the rest, directing several of the attendees to help prepare various dishes.

The kitchen ran like a well-oiled machine. From dumplings to stir-fried dishes, the courses kept coming. After six hours, the cooks were exhausted but proud of their accomplishments.

Student Life