Student activity meeting wrap up

June 15, 2016

On Monday, June 13, the Dean of Students Office met with members of the Parents Association to review the results of the end-of-year Student Activity Survey. The results were based on responses from 94 students. Activities were broken down into categories such as signature events and daytime non-mixer social activities. Below is a summary from the meeting.

  • Campus-Wide Dinner at Home
    A new date will be set for the campus-wide dinner at home as the original date conflicted with Senior Dinner. Day parents at the June 13 meeting embraced the idea of hosting boarders and possibly non-resident faculty for dinner in their homes.
    Moving forward, day families will be notified about optional dinners at home so that day students will know about it ahead of time and know that they are welcome to attend. 

  • Parent-Supported Events
    Director of Student Activities, Jenny Walton ’04, will identify dates over the course of the year for parent-supported daytime non-mixer social activities (picnics, bowling, mini golf, etc.) and will continue to refine the workings for the campus-wide sleepover. The current date is set for Saturday, September 10 after the Freshman-Sophomore Ice Cream Social. Details for the sleepover are still being ironed out.

  • 2016-2017 Signature Events
    Halloween Mixer
    Freshman-Sophomore Ice Cream Social
    STOP Hunger Now Dance

  • Save-the-Date Flyers
    Ms. Walton will create a “save-the-date” flyer for 2016-2017 orientation packets with the dates of “signature” events and events that parents are encouraged to attend (ASM’s, games, performances, Soirees, and other special events)

  • Prom update
    The location of Prom 2017 is still being researched. When asked where they prefer to hold prom, students were divided almost half and half on where to do Prom 2017. The vote was split by grade level, with rising seniors preferring Main Terrace and Bluff and rising juniors preferring the Westin. Ms. Walton will determine whether hosting prom on campus is a financially viable option. If it is, prom will be held on campus. Rising juniors have been assured that they will be offered the same choice as rising seniors.

  • Parent Support Committee  
    Parents will get a separate communication asking if they’d like to be a standing member of our parent support committee OR if they’d like to volunteer specifically for those events
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