STEM Stats Lab: Beanie Baby Bungee

February 20, 2014

In Ms. Taylor’s stats class, students apply linear regression to make a prediction about how many bungee cords (AKA rubber bands) are needed for their Beanie Baby to have the optimal “jump” from the ceiling without hitting the floor.

They must continuously add rubber bands (bungee cords) to their Beanie Baby’s feet and track the cumulative distance of each fall creating a set of ordered pairs. The data is tracked in a table and students then create a linear model called a Least Squares Regression Line, which is used to test their initial prediction against the distance fallen via the prediction of the line. The STEM lab that follows involves interpreting their slope, determining if their prediction involved the “survival” of their beanie baby, and a follow-up jump from 2-stories in the stairwell in the next lab using what they know from today’s activity.

Hold on tight, Beanie Babies!