STEM designs static and dynamic

May 13, 2014
Redesigned library

The Topics in STEM class has been working on static and dynamic engineering projects throughout Semester 2. In one static project, the students selected a space on the Madeira campus to redesign. They took measurements, drafted bubble diagrams, interviewed users of the spaces, took more measurements and ultimately drafted new floor plans for their visions. The floor plans were then converted into the scale models of the stables, Schoolhouse II, the Chapel/Auditorium, the karate dojo, and Huffington Library [pictured] as envisioned by the girls.

In a resent dynamic project, students investigated building for movement by creating whirligigs. In preparation for this activity, they studied levers, cams, gears, cranks, and linkages. Whirligig designs featured toast popping out of a toaster, a cat (Tom) chasing a mouse (Jerry) chasing cheese, and a pilot ejecting from a plane on fire [pictured] to name a few.

The class is currently working on the final project called the Global Health Design Challenge for which they are developing portable hand-washing devices for use by medical professionals during disaster relief.