STEAM students create original sound sculptures

February 2, 2017

During the last week of Module 4 freshmen presented their final projects for their STEAM Fundamentals course. 

STEAM Fundamentals is a project-based course, where students bring together science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. This course further develops research and critical thinking skills as well as techniques of measurement and data collection. 

During the five week course, students had to create an original sound sculpture. The teams of four had to design and build a free-standing sound sculpture out of found and repurposed materials. Each member of the team took on one of four roles: Researcher, Drafter, Marketing Coordinator and Project Manager. Each final project group varied dramatically, some using pipes, jars, plastic bottles, and handmade wooden mallets all the way to motors, wood, 3D printed gears, and PVC pipe.  

“I would say the best thing about these students was their ability to adapt and innovate. We saw them build resilience through each engineering challenge they overcame and develop so much pride in their final projects,” said Sasha Newman, course instructor and Technical Director. “I think the best thing about the class is that we aren’t just teaching students about science, technology, engineering, art, or math, but we are also giving them a chance to develop project management skills, build resilience every time they fail, and start them down a path of creatively solving problems.” 

The presentations were well done, informative, and entertaining. See each team’s projects below.

  • The Lazy Newton
    • Grace Morgan ‘20, A'Nya Harrison ‘20, Emma Dirks ‘20
  •  Patriot Bell
    • Lily Rathbun '20, Neshmeeya Abbas '20, Tatum O'Grady '20, Ferrari Tachapanich '20
  •  The Mox 
    • Keenan Parker '20, Aashna Sharma '20, Mary Faith Everman '20, Savannah Robinson '20
  •  Primary Bottles
    • Holly Crowley '20, Gabrielle Russo '20, KC Jordan '20, Sophie Tilton '20


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