STEAM Fundamentals class competes at Fury Road

September 27, 2017

The Module 1 STEAM Fundamentals class traveled to Fury Road for their first project challenge of the school year. Fury Road refers to the cult classic movie, Mad Max. Students were tasked with building a car that was independently powered, smaller than an average shoe box, and be made of found or made materials.

The Challenge:
“You're part of a team of survivalists and they have appointed you to the engineering team. You have been given the challenge of building a prototype vehicle that might help your wayward squad survive the challenges of Fury Road.”

The goal of the challenge was to explore how movement, momentum and energy was created and harnessed in the past. Students were asked to examine different modes of transportation and how those modes were successful.

After the teams met and shared ideas, they were provided with some primitive building materials and were allowed to trade materials with other student teams. After two days of construction, the team gathered for evaluation and of course a competition to see whose car went the farthest. 

It was an inter-class competition and the winning team was comprised of Rachel Rhee-Feitel ‘21, Elena Jochum ‘21, and Caroline Roberts-Gaal ‘21. 


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