Sophomores make cards for cancer patients

February 25, 2014
Madeira sophomores made 200 cards

During class meetings on Friday, February 21, 2014, the sophomore class made a total of 200 cards for breast cancer patients for Girls Love Mail organization. The effort was led by Co-Heads of Sophomore Community Service Committee, Caron Peters and Nora Canellakis. Girls included thoughtful and caring messages in each of their handmade cards.  

“The activity gave the class the opportunity to connect with women who are fighting against cancer by sharing personal messages,” said Carson Peters who spearheaded the project. “Most importantly it provides support to women who are currently battling cancer.”

Girls Love Mail is an organization that delivers handmade cards to breast cancer patients who are recently diagnosed with breast cancer and going through treatment. Girls Love Mail was created by a breast cancer survivor Gina Mulligan who received cards when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and enjoyed receiving supportive cards during her fight against cancer. She won her battle with breast cancer and decided to also support those who continue with the fight. Individuals interested in supporting this cause are asked to develop handmade cards and mail them to Girls Love Mail, who distributes them individually to women who have been identified as being diagnosed with cancer. Girls Love Mail has a goal to receive 10,000 letters by the end of this year. The Madeira sophomore class helped with this goal by sending along 200 cards, but you can help, too. If you are interested in supporting this wonderful cause, please visit the Girls Love Mail website at www.girlslovemail.com

Contributed by Carson Peters

Student Life Leadership