Snails take first at IEA home horse show

December 2, 2013

Madeira's first IEA home horse show, held on Saturday, November, 23, was a huge success. The Madeira IEA team were phenomenal hostesses, the horses looked great and behaved beautifully, our riders accumulated 12 blue ribbons, and the team finished in first place -- which officially qualifies the team for regionals! It was all around a perfect show day.

Team Placings:

  1. Madeira with 43 points
  2. Meadowbrook with 26 points
  3. Pickwick/Clayhill with 25 points
  4. Willowbend with 24 points
  5. Tulip Pond with 22 points
  6. Glenelg Country Day with 19 points

Teams that did not place: Barrie School, Briar Woods, Foxcroft, Stone Bridge

Individual Highlights:

  • Kat Adstedt – 5th Open fences, 1st Open Flat
  • Hanna Powers – 1st Open Fences, 1st Open Flat
  • Sam Halo – 1st Intermediate Fences, 1st Intermediate Flat
  • Julia Mandel – 6th Intermediate Fences, 1st Intermediate Flat
  • Sydney Ortega – 4th Intermediate Fences, 4th Intermediate Flat
  • Mollie Thomas – 3rd Intermediate Fences, 1st intermediate Flat
  • Rachel Michael– 1st Novice Fences, 1st Novice Flat
  • Isabel Ruffin – 1st WTC Flat

Congratulations to Sidney Ortega and Julia Mandel for qualifying as individuals for regionals.

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