Shakespeare Theatre Company visits Madeira

November 19, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 instead of having lunch and advisory between B and C Blocks, ninth graders ventured up to the Chapel/Auditorium for a special Shakespeare session. Two actors from the Shakespeare Theatre Company stopped by to host a workshop on Shakespeare’s play As You Like It. The class was split up into two groups. One group worked on the stage while the other went to the dance studio. Dr. Ward, chair of the English Department and teacher, watched and laughed from the back row of the auditorium as the girls’ performed their own humorous interpretation of the play while Ms.Candia, the other ninth grade English teacher, could be found participating with the girls in the dance studio. Bella Valcourt ’18 said that she found the exercise “Fun and intriguing.” Another freshman, Vivian Kramer ’18, whose father is an actor in the Shakespeare Theatre Company, said that she thought it was a good idea to have the workshop so she and her classmates would be familiar with the play.

The exercise was followed up by attending the matinee performance of As You Like It at the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C. the next day.

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Contributed by Griffin Ball '15