Shakespeare Theatre Company Actors Visit Madeira

May 17, 2017
Sophomore students and Alina from the Shakespeare Theatre Company

Actors from the Shakespeare Theatre Company were on Madera’s campus this week, leading workshops for the sophomore class. Vanessa Hope, Kiernan McGowan, and Alina Collins Maldonado graciously offered up their time to spend time with our students.

At Madeira, sophomores are required to take a class on Shakespeare. This year, the class read Macbeth, which is also the current production at the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

The actors worked with our students, discussing themes, character motivation, and plot while also leading a series of exercises designed to make them re-think what they thought of the play and what it means. They offered up difficult moral question to ponder and invited our students to act out some of the pivotal scenes from the play.

On Thursday, the entire sophomore class will travel to the theater to see the production, which offers a unique and fascinating take on Macbeth.