Senior yearbook ad announcement

November 20, 2015

The yearbook staff is making progress on the yearbook for 2016 and it's time to think about Senior Parent Ads. The Senior Parent Ad is a tradition at Madeira (and many other schools) that allows parents to purchase space in the back of the yearbook to congratulate and cheer on their graduating senior. Often these ads have a photo or photos of their daughter (sometimes a baby photo to illustrate just how far she's come). The photo selection and text is up to parents and families (we reserve the right to edit for space purposes or appropriateness). Here's how to participate:

  1. There are various templates for 1/2 page and 1/4 page ads. View the templates and get an idea for what you want to include by looking at these templates.
  2. Decide what size ad to purchase: 1/2 page is $150.00 and 1/4 page is $75.00. These funds allow us to add pages to the book that we could not afford otherwise.
  3. Gather good quality photos (in JPG format) for your ad and determine what text you would like to include. We strongly suggest photo resolution of 300 dpi or greater.
  4. Word count for 1/2 page ads should not exceed 100 words and for 1/4 page ads, no more than 50 words. Requests for special fonts will not be accommodated.
  5. This online submission form will allow you to input the text for your ad, tell us which template you wish to use, and pay online with a credit card. You’ll also receive instructions on how to send your photos to appear in your ad. Your submission will be confidential to the Communications Department and our freelance designer (Mrs. Jennifer Hodges) only, so your daughter will not see her ad in advance of publication. You will work directly with Mrs. Hodges via email once your order has been placed.
  6. The deadline for submissions will be Monday, February 1.
  7. You will get “one pass” to make changes to your parent ad.
  8. You will receive one subsequent email requesting your review and approval of your parent ad.

The Communications Department looks forward to working with you on these ads. It is very fun for the girls to see what their parents have sent in when they receive their books at the end of the school year. The Thanksgiving holiday is a great opportunity to take photos of your child and family. We encourage families to submit ads as soon as possible.