Science behind Pop Rocks and vampires

October 28, 2014
The myth of vampires came from of a fear surrounding a disease.

At the last Science and Engineering Club meeting, girls watched a video about the science behind pop rocks to honor Halloween. The video, developed by BrainStuff, gave an in-depth explanation of the creation and evaporation of pop rocks, which relates to chemistry. Pop rocks are made in a solution with carbon dioxide, boiling water and lots of sugar. If you look at the pop rocks very closely, you can see tiny bubbles that contain carbon dioxide. For a sweet surprise, the girls ate pop rocks to fully understand the science behind the explosive candy.

The club also discussed the myth of vampires that was developed because of the fear and mystery surrounding the disease pellagra. This article, written by the National Center for Biotechnology Information associated with NIH, provided an interesting perspective of the scientific theories created because of the lack of medical knowledge during that time period.

Have a spooky and scientific Halloween!

Submitted by: Carson Peters '16. Niara Pheonix '16, and Leah Zeng '15

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