Science and Engineering Club attends Maryland Day

April 28, 2015
Madeira girls pose for an Instagram pic

On Saturday April 25, the Science and Engineering Club sponsored a trip to Maryland Day. Maryland Day is an annual event at the University of Maryland, College Park which has over 400 educational and interactive events with the mission to “explore (its) world of fearless ideas.” There are six major components: Terp Town Center provides information about the University of Maryland, College Park; Biz and Society Hill focuses on criminal and social justice; Sports and Rec Row; Arts Alley; Agriculture Day Avenue; and Science and Tech Way. There were various activities like henna tattoos, University of Maryland performances, photo booths, cooking competitions, yoga, dance workshops, and challenge athletic courses. Some Madeira girls painted terrapin banks to showcase their University of Maryland spirit. They collected freebies in route to various activity tables like free ice cream samples at the University of Maryland functioning dairy on campus. In the Science and Tech Way, there were several University of Maryland science fairs, lab tours, and science professionals’ question and answer sessions. There was a wide selection of activities related to science and engineering that were appealing to people of all ages. For example, students blasted in a wind tunnel to learn about aerodynamics and made liquid nitrogen ice cream to understand physics. There were other engaging activities like building stethoscopes out of household supplies, learning about epidemiology, and creating slime which relates to chemistry. Overall, Maryland Day was a wonderful event with various fun and exciting learning and entertainment opportunities.

Contributed by Carson Peters ’16

Student Life