School competition combines science and photography

March 20, 2014

The second annual Madeira Photo Contest will be held this spring. Students and adults who wish to enter must submit a photograph demonstrates a scientific principle, fact, or concept. Participants will also need to include an essay that explains the science in the photo. Photos will be judged on scientific merit by the members of the Science Department. Members of the Art Department will be consulted on the aesthetic quality of the photos as well. The two categories are Biological Science and Physical Science.


  • The contest is open to all current students, but any member of the community (including parents, faculty, staff, and alumnae) may submit a photo and scientific explanation.
  • The student entering the contest must take the photo herself and each student is allowed to enter only one photo. Group work is not allowed.
  • Photos may be either black-and-white or color.
  • Photos must be submitted digitally. It is possible that photos could be posted on The Madeira School website.
  • Minimal manipulation of digital images with the intention of accurately rendering the subject is acceptable e.g.: small adjustments to brightness, color, color balance, and/or sharpness.
  • You must include a description of fewer than 250 words that explains the science in the photo. The description must be typed, it must have a title, and it must be composed by the student entering the photo. That needs to be submitted digitally.

How to enter:

  • There is a folder on the student class folders drive for the digital copy of your photo AND for the digital copy of your essay. It is in the Science Folder, and the photo folder is called “Photo Contest 2014”. Make sure to include your name in the file name of your photo, and also include your name in the file name of your essay.
  • The deadline for all submissions is Friday, April 4, 2014.
  • Any submission which does not meet the criteria and deadlines listed above will not be considered.

The photos will be displayed in the dining hall. Judging will occur during the week of April 17. Prizes will be awarded in each category. Prizes may include gift cards, campus perks, and other awards.

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