Professional development is perennial

June 3, 2014
Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs meets with department heads

Madeira faculty benefit from ongoing professional development in the way of seminars, education-related conferences, or individual study for advanced degrees on their own. Some of the learning happens right here on Madeira’s campus every year during “June Week.” June Week took place at the end of May this year because of our construction schedule, however, it was as robust as ever. Faculty and staff had the pleasure of hearing from and working with the following professionals:

Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs, creator of Curriculum21, is also the founder and president of Curriculum Designers, Inc. and Executive Director of the National Curriculum Mapping Institute and Academy. Dr. Jacobs has served as an education consultant to thousands of schools nationally and internationally, and serves as an adjunct professor at Columbia University Teachers' College. She works with schools and districts K-12 on issues and practices pertaining to: curriculum reform, instructional strategies to encourage critical thinking, and strategic planning. Numerous articles have appeared in professional journals. Dr. Jacobs is the author of many books, including The Curriculum Mapping Planner: Templates and Tools for Effective Professional Development, co-authored with Ann Johnson; and Curriculum 21: Essential Education for A Changing World, which was selected as the worldwide member book by ASCD.  Her most recent series of books, Comparing Perspectives on Literacy (Solution Tree, 2013), is currently available for pre-order.

You can view a TEDex talk by Dr. Jacobs here

Dr. Robert Brooks spoke to the faculty about nurturing resilience in adolescents (including the reinforcement of such attributes as hope, responsibility, self-discipline, caring, and dealing effectively with setbacks). Dr. Brooks is one of today’s leading speakers and authors on the themes of resilience, motivation, school climate, a positive work environment, and family relationships. During the past 35 years, Dr. Brooks has presented nationally and internationally to thousands of parents, educators, mental health professionals, and business people.

Jennifer D. Klein has been working with Madeira faculty as a consultant on Project-Based Learning (PBL) and curriculum development for more than a year. She is currently Professional Development Director for World Leadership School (WLS), coaching teachers and developing collaborative learning experiences between North American classrooms and schools in other parts of the world, as well as leading professional development trainings and faculty development trips for WLS schools. She is also Professional Development and Outreach Coordinator at TakingITGlobal, where she designs and delivers internationally accredited online e-courses for teachers across the world. Further, Jennifer is Director of Educational Development for the Research Journalism Initiative, an educational non-profit which facilitates creative expression among Palestinian young people and the use of their projects in American classrooms.  Finally, Jennifer is a National Faculty member for the Buck Institute for Education, giving workshops on Project-Based Learning and Global PBL.

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