Prepping for senior year internships

April 3, 2014

Seniors shared their Co-Curriculum experiences with juniors during Senior Press Conference on Wednesday, April 2, 2014. The annual conference is a time when juniors can learn from the upperclassmen’s experiences.

“It’s the most relaxed and personal part of the placement process,” said Assistant Head of School and Director of Co-Curriculum Andre' Withers. “The juniors been prepping for senior year since January. Their prep work has come from Co-Curriculum Office and campus adults. The press conference is an opportunity for them to hear directly from their peers about the things that are most relevant to the girl. It’s proven to be a very useful experience for the girls and for the program.”

During the conference the seniors are broken into groups by like placements. The “animal science” group for example was comprised of students who interned at veterinary clinics, the National Zoo, equestrian centers, etc. Another group, for example, was seniors who worked in the offices of lawyers, lobbyist, and politicians. Juniors visited roughly ten groups before the evening concluded.  

Juniors were interested in a range of topics including how the seniors identified for which programs they could apply, how they followed up after interviews, relationships with their supervisor, amount of work available to them, and generally, what they enjoyed most and least about their internships.

Hear from two seniors about what they have learned and what they felt compelled to share with the underclassmen:

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