Parting Message from Stacy Fischer, PALC Vice President

May 22, 2015

Five years ago, I was as nervous and excited as my daughter as our family began the journey into the world of The Madeira School. As much as she was wondering "Will I fit in?," "Will I make friends?," "Will I like it here as much as I did on Revisit Day?," I, too, was asking these same kinds of questions. I was also concerned whether I could remain as active a volunteer as in the public school system we were coming from. 

Now, seven days away from graduation and leaving Madeira, I wonder how I ever could have been so worried. From the first, I was welcomed by an incredibly supportive and friendly community of parents, teachers, and staff. Volunteering? Not a problem! From sports to theater to music, I participated. And when the idea of a parent-to-parent newsletter was broached, I happily stepped in to make it a reality.

NPCU has come a long way in three years, from its first year with a design independent of anything else put out by the school, to today, very much a part of Madeira's communications platform, reflecting the look and feel of Madeira's website and Around the Oval. For this professional transformation, thanks go to Ashley Smith, Associate Director of Communications, who implemented the redesign, updates the header images when needed, and pushes the "go" button to send the publication to each of you every other Saturday morning. Ashley, you have been a joy to work with and have made the experience a wonderful one for me! 

Many thanks, as well, to all who have read and submitted material for the newsletter. Your support over the years has been instrumental in helping make NPCU a key communications tool for the parent community. 

Last, a heartfelt thank you to graduating PALC president, Loni Parent. Loni has been an ardent supporter and invaluable sounding board for me in my role as editor and vice president and has tirelessly led the parent community with grace and integrity for the past three years. I am honored to call her my friend. 

As for the fate of NPCU? No worries. Next year it will be in the wonderful hands of Anne Moriarty (Kelleen '15, Giovanna '18). Thanks so much, Anne, for stepping up!  

And so, with that, I bid farewell. To Madeira and its white picket fences. To the incredible faculty and staff. To my wonderful fellow parents. And to the students, who make all of us so very proud each and every day. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing community.


Cate '15