New Co-Curriculum Blog: Interning on The Hill

January 8, 2015

For my Module 3 Co-Curriculum placement I worked in the office of the Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. Working for one of the highest ranking women in Congress was such an inspiring and empowering experience. During these five weeks I went to lunch hearings, wrote memos, worked with Nancy Pelosi's scheduler to organize invitations received, delivered See's chocolates – a San Francisco-based company – to other democratic and Californian offices, answered phones in the leader's Press Office, and much more. Knowing that every day was different from the last made my internship even more exciting and kept me on my toes at all times.

One of the things that I came to understand during my internship is that politics is a broad profession that branches off into many different career paths. For example, if in the future I decide to work in a public office, it doesn't mean I have be creating health care or foreign affairs policies for a living, but I could work as/with the scheduler of a congressman or congresswoman, which was the job that most interested me during my five-week internship. Being on Capitol Hill and working in Representative Nancy Pelosi's office gave me a rare opportunity to be exposed to the "political atmosphere" in such a unique way that cannot be mimicked in a classroom.

I feel so fortunate to have worked in Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi's office for my junior year Co-Curriculum Capitol Hill internship words cannot begin to explain! 

Sophia Beneski '16

Leadership Student Life