Mr. Sudnik receives honor and travels to South Korea on study tour

September 10, 2019
Mr. Sudnik in South Korea

History Department Chair Mr. Sudnik was selected as a World History Digital Education (WHDE) Fellow last year. Mr. Sudnik was one of 30 educators to receive the honor. One of the benefits of the award was an educational trip to South Korea. Mr. Sudnik described his experience this summer below.

From July 6-16, 2019 I traveled with 25 other social studies educators form across the U.S. to South Korea on the 2019 Korea Research Trip organized by World History Digital Education and sponsored by the Korea Foundation. Through travel across South Korea, the organizers of the trip provided us with opportunities to learn more about Korean history and culture so that we would incorporate Korea into our teaching. While China and Japan have received more coverage in World History textbooks, Korea is still given only a few pages. Thanks to this trip, I have learned more about Korea’s dynastic history, the privileged place of education in this Confucian society, ancient Korean innovations like metal moveable type, and South Korea’s rapid industrialization and economic growth after the Korean War. Each of these topics will be incorporated into my teaching in 2019-20, especially in AP World History and AP Human Geography. In addition to  traveling across South Korea, my favorite aspect of these research trips is the chance to meet fellow educators from across the United States, to share best practices and, forge new friendships.

A big congratulations to Mr. Sudnik!