Mod 7 New Co-Curriculum Offerings

April 30, 2020

While the pandemic prohibits the off-campus Co-Curriculum experience we all know and love, Madeira remains committed to keeping Co-Curriculum as a cornerstone of a Madeira education. For Mod 7, the program takes advantage of the wisdom, expertise, and goodwill of placement supervisors and their organizations, as well as Madeira’s extensive alumnae network.

For the internship experience this Mod, we’ve taken the skill-based elements of the program and coupled them with a fantastic slate of presenters and practitioners who will avail themselves to the girls. There will be eight different speaker sessions each week. For a preview of some of the presenters in Mod 7, click here.

In addition to the speaker series, students will have the opportunity to identify one of two research tracks they would like to pursue: policy/issue research or industry/career path research. From there, each student will engage in traditional academic research, as well as with industry professionals who will provide first-hand experience and information to supplement that more traditional research, resulting in a multi-media presentation informing and persuading others to either support their chosen issue or pursue a career in their chosen industry.

Questions? Contact Andrew Sharp