Message from the Athletic Director

September 30, 2016

Katie LaRue

The Fall season is well underway and things are really exciting! The energy level is high as girls are having fun and teams are showing signs of improvement from last year. The Varsity and JV Volleyball teams are off to an excellent start, one of the best in the last few years.  Varsity Volleyball is currently 5-1 and JV is 4-1-1 (tie).  Another bright spot is our Varsity tennis team. They are currently 3-2 and Emilija Platukyte ‘18, at the top spot, has only lost 1 match of the 5 she has played.   

They have truly made a personal and team connection to this year's theme in Athletics; COMMITMENT. They've committed to a higher level of expectation, they've committed to their teammates and they've committed to learning the valuable lessons taught by coaches. 

As I referenced in an earlier letter to all families participating in an inter-scholastic sport, we are seeking to reciprocate the commitment that the Board of Directors and Administration have set forth. We want to make Athletics matter at Madeira. To that end, we have strengthened the Team Captain role, we have made strides to elevate school spirit with more robust Red vs White games, and who can overlook the big new spirit rock!!   

We hope you see these and many other strengthening efforts during Family Weekend. In addition to the dedication of our new Athletics facility, we will have a host of games and matches where you will be able to see the manifestation of what happens when you join earnest student-athletes with great coaches and a vision of excellence. 

The all new Athletics team continues to find the parent support truly energizing. Thanks for being in the stands, along the sidelines during games and enjoying a few minutes of various practices when you can.  GO SNAILS!!!

Athletics Parents Leadership