Master Artist visits Madeira

March 9, 2016

On Monday, February 29, local Master Artist Mrs. Ellen Cornett came to impart her wisdom and experience with charcoal drawing in the Studio 1 - Drawing class.

Mrs. Cornett was the recent winner of the Master Artist Competition at the Brentwood Arts Exchange in Brentwood, MD. The results of this competition awarded her the entire gallery space for a one-woman show of her skills and talent. The exhibition was titled, The Art of The Tale.

Mrs. Cornett spoke to the art students on her creative process in using charcoal; she demonstrated blending techniques and which tools to use to achieve desired results.

It was during her lecture that Mrs. Cornett realized that one of the students seemed very familiar to her, and asked a question about her family and whether a girl she knew was her sister. Much to the surprise of this student, and the rest of the class, Mrs. Cornett had known the family quite well, remembering when the student had been born.

“Learning art and renewing old friendships; what an amazing C Block we had this day,” said art teacher Constance Maddox.