MadeiraED conference completes another successful run

May 1, 2017

The third annual MadeiraED conference showcased the talents, knowledge and professionalism of Madeira students, faculty and staff. The school-wide conference day, held April 28, 2017, included over 160 different sessions ranging from colonial reenactors to dissecting a sheep’s brain.

The goals of MadeiraED included showcasing activities that highlight student learning, building community through shared experiences, and providing opportunities for reflection as well as assessment. Participants chose from a variety of blocks scheduled throughout the day. Most blocks were broken into 20-minute segments to allow the appropriate amount of time for each type of activity. 

The presentations were as diverse as the student body is, with sessions like “Agua for All: the problem of water shortage around the world”, to “Let’s dissect a sheep brain”, to a game of ultimate red light, green light. Some of the most popular attractions of the day were the “creating your own coasters” session which allowed students to learn and use the laser cutter in the Fabrication Lab, a community service project where students made toys for shelter animals waiting to be adopted, and a performance by Vei Vei Thomas ’17 who created a one-woman show using movement, poetry, theater, prose and dance to convey her passion for language. 

In addition to the regular programming, several seniors presented their capstone projects. Capstone projects are required presentations for each student participating in a Co-Curriculum placement. Students outlined the meaningful projects they were able to work on during their placement and answered questions on what juniors might expect if they were to choose to work with that company or organization. From Sequoia Ragland working at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria to Catherine Luther who traveled to Juno, Florida and the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, the community was able to share the impact these experiences had on our students.

The day concluded with an amazing spoken word and dance performance in Huffington Library presented by members of the literary magazine staff (Gate) and Madeira Select dancers. Assistant Head of School, Andre Withers, congratulated the student body on their impressive set of skills and dedication to making this year’s MadeiraED a resounding success.

For more information on MadeiraEd visit www.madeira.org/madeiraed

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