Madeira teacher advocates for women in STEAM on Capitol Hill

January 24, 2019
Dr. Amanda Curtis (far left) advocates for women in STEAM on Capitol Hill

Dr. Amanda Curtis from Madeira’s math department met with members of Congress to advocate for more support of women in STEAM fields. This event was organized by the Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM), of which Dr. Curtis is a member.

On January 18, members of AWM met with 47 congressional offices from 18 different states and discussed a range of issues, such as the varied experiences of women in STEAM fields, ideas to encourage more women to pursue these fields, and current bills that address systemic issues and that help create more inclusive environments for women. 

Dr. Curtis explains why these issues are significant to her: “Advocating for women in STEAM (during events like AWM's "Hill Day") is important to me, as a mathematics teacher, because I want to ensure that my students are ready for university-level mathematics and science, and that the spaces they will enter for this work are nurturing and positive spaces.”

The organization hopes that their work made a positive impression on the members of Congress and are planning to hold similar events in the future.

Dr. Curtis’ passion for encouraging more women to pursue STEAM fields is a reason why she teaches at Madeira. “I like teaching at Maderia for a few reasons - the students are super engaged with and curious about the coursework, I get to teach material that I didn’t see until college, and I feel like I am helping the students become knowledgeable, responsible, and thoughtful citizens of the world.”