Madeira students travel to Italy for classical summer exchange

August 21, 2015

In June, two Madeira teachers and twelve students visited Italy for the biannual classics exchange trip.The first week included a home-stay with Italian families and classes taught in a 14th-century palazzo, one block from the Duomo. Madeira art teacher, Ms. Linda Northrup, taught Art History while Latin teacher, Ms. Ann Maclean '89 taught Ancient History and Italian to students at the school located in Florence.

In addition to classes, the group participated in site visits each day, but the highlight of the first week was the Feast of St. John, Florence's patron saint, which included fireworks.After Florence, the group traveled on to a villa on the Bay of Naples dedicated to the study of Vergil. Visits were made to Pompeii, Sibyl's Cave, the Temple to Apollo, where Aeneas landed, and Paestum, which holds the finest examples of Doric Greek temples from 6th-century B.C. 

Italy Trip ruinsAfter Naples, it was time to visit Lecce where the mornings brought lessons from Italian archaeologists who taught the group aspects of archaeology at a pre-Roman site. In the afternoons, the group toured the city or relaxed on the beaches of the Ionian or Adriatic Seas.  

The last stop was Rome, where the students stayed in a convent located in the heart of the historic district. A whirlwind final three days were spent site seeing the Vatican, Pantheon, Capitoline Museums, Roman Forum, Colosseum, and churches.

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