Madeira student wins Regional Scholastic Art Awards

March 1, 2021

Ashley Zheng ‘22 has won a Scholastic Gold Key Award in Writing for her work “When 'Give Me Liberty’ Means 'Give Me Death’” and an honorable mention for “Students vs. the Shutdown: the Unheard Voices of the COVID Generation.”

Ashley reflected on her award: “Interestingly, my piece actually developed from an argument essay assignment in English. I fleshed it out a lot from there, around 7 versions over 3 months until it was a completely different article from than the core idea. I was truly overjoyed that the piece I poured so much time and effort into was recognized. It encouraged me to continue writing and affirmed that my voice mattered. Truly, I believe every single Madeira girl's voice matters, but sometimes, we just need a reminder. The Scholastic award was that reminder for me, and I hope that these words can be that reminder for you.”

The Scholastic Art Awards is the largest, longest running recognition program of its kind in the United States. Established in 1923, the awards have recognized students who have become some of our nation’s most celebrated artists. More than 200,000 students participate in the program across the country.  

In Fairfax County, thousands of art pieces by middle and high school students are submitted annually to the Regional Scholastic Art Awards program sponsored by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers. Out of these submissions, Gold Keys, Silver Keys, and Honorable Mentions are awarded for outstanding drawings, paintings, prints, photographs, ceramics, sculptures, digital art, architecture, jewelry, fashion, film and animation, mixed media artworks, and portfolios.  

Learn more about the Regional Scholastic Art Awards at www.artandwriting.org