Madeira Senior Pursues Passion for Dance

October 22, 2018

For Sophie Fouladi being a day student at Madeira offers her a great opportunity.

“Being a day student at a boarding school is interesting to say the least. I have the privilege of meeting an insanely diverse group of girls from all over the world each and every year, and gaining new perspectives on life from their experiences. I feel as though I have a greater understanding of myself from it.”

Though Sophie is involved in several clubs and activities at Madeira, dance has always been her primary passion.

“Madeira Dance Select has been my haven for the past three years. I was hesitant about auditioning for the team as a freshman, but I am so glad I took the risk. With the guidance of our amazing director Ms. Sarson, I feel like there is no challenge we can’t face as a team, and we share an incredible bond. The program provides dancers with a variety of skills and styles that truly shape us as artists.”

Other than dance, Sophie has a deep appreciation of the arts program at Madeira and has also enjoyed being part of the film festival, musical soirees, and theater performances. While Sophie has gravitated toward arts offerings, she has friends in many different activities.

“Madeira has sports and activities that suit many types of people, not just the artsy folk like me.”

As part of Madeira’s signature Co-Curriculum internship program, Sophie worked at Claude Moore Colonial Farms as a sophomore and Senator Tim Kaine’s office as a junior on Capitol Hill.

“Claude Moore Colonial Farm taught me the value of hands-on learning. Seeing groups of kids understanding history through the farm was inspiring and sparked my interest in interactive learning. Working on Capitol Hill in Senator Kaine’s office taught me not to underestimate myself and my impact. I realized that if I work hard and give my best effort, then respect will follow.”

Between her dance team and her internships, Sophie feels well prepared for her next step after her senior year.

“I see being a senior as a gateway to my future. I’m excited for all that lies ahead. I feel unstoppable.”

Sophie loves living in Great Falls and her second home for the past 14 years has been Great Falls Classical Ballet Studio. Aside from the studio, she loves nature, and has enjoyed the hiking paths throughout Great Falls. She loves the general feel of the town.

“There is something about the atmosphere of the Great Falls Village that makes it magical, as if you know that you’re always home.”